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Translations and Bilingual Information

1. What documents can be delivered to Companies House in the Welsh Language?

The Companies Act 2006 allows documents relating to Welsh companies or LLPs to be drawn up and delivered to Companies House in Welsh, on delivery they must be accompanied by a certified translation into English. There are certain exceptions to this requirement, these are listed in the following paragraph.

2. What documents can I deliver to Companies House without a certified English translation?

Non traded Welsh companies/LLPs may deliver the following documents to Companies House in 'Welsh' without being accompanied by a certified translation into English.

a company’s memorandum of association
a company’s articles
a community interest company report
a resolution or agreement
a declaration of a community interest company
annual accounts and reports;
revised accounts and report and any auditor’s report on revised accounts and reports
a document required to be appended to group accounts
Note: Statutory forms that are not prescribed bilingually must be used where circumstances dictate. Other 'free form' documents that are required to be delivered to Companies House, for example Orders of Court, must be accompanied by a certified translation into English, as must the accounts of traded companies.

Welsh companies may file a Welsh translation of documents filed in English where their memorandum states they are to be situated in Wales.

3. Who can 'certify' a translation into English?

The Registrar has made rules as to who can certify translations into English of documents originally drawn up and filed in the Welsh Language. Certification must be on the English translation of the document and authenticated by the person giving the certification. Both certification and authentication text must be in black ink or typescript with the authentication located at the end of the certification. The persons capable of certifying the translated document are as follows -

A director, secretary, LLP member, designated member, administrator, administrative receiver, receiver manager, receiver, liquidator, judicial factor or authorised signatory; if applicable, a CIC Manager (appointed under s.47 of the CAICE Act 2004), receiver and manager (appointed under s.18 of the Charities Act 1993).

For more information on registrar’s rules please visit our guide ‘The Registrar’s Rules and Powers’ available on our website

4. What statutory documents are available bilingually?

The commonly used forms listed in Annex A are available in bilingual format. The easiest way to obtain these forms is to download them from our website.