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Welsh Companies and LLPs

1.What are the filing requirements for 'Welsh' Companies and LLPs?

"Welsh" companies have the same filing requirements as other companies and LLPs incorporated in the United Kingdom. We have prescribed the most commonly used statutory forms for companies and LLPs bilingually and they are available either from the Companies House website or by telephoning 0303 1234 500. Welsh language guidance and other relevant information on Companies House requirements are also available on our web site.

Remember: Failure to deliver statutory documents on time is a criminal offence for which company officers and designated members of LLPs can be prosecuted. Additionally, failing to deliver accounts on time will attract an automatic civil penalty. See our guidance on 'Late Filing Penalties' or 'Limited Liability Partnerships Administration and Management' for more information on late filing penalties.

2. Can companies and LLPs be incorporated using Welsh?

Yes, provided the application for incorporation shows that the registered office is situated in Wales (as opposed to ‘England and Wales’). You do not have to send a translation into English for these documents because Companies House will obtain a translation for the company's public record. Companies House will also issue a certificate of incorporation in Welsh, if you require this. If you wish to use it, the statutory form for incorporation is available bilingually from our website.

For more information on how to incorporate a company, please see our guidance on, ‘Incorporation and Names’. For information on how to incorporate an LLP, see our guidance on, 'Limited Liability Partnerships Incorporation and Names’.

3. Can an existing company or LLP change the location of its registered office to 'Wales'?

Yes. If an existing company has stated that its registered office is situated in 'England and Wales' or vice versa, it can pass a resolution to alter its memorandum to say that the registered office is to be situated in Wales. You must then file an AD05c to complete the change of jurisdiction. The company then has the option to change its name to a Welsh ending i.e. cyfyngedig or cwmni cyfyngedig cyhoeddus instead of “Limited” or “Public Limited Company”.

An LLP needs simply to complete an LL AD05c or LL AD05 to enable the change of jurisdiction. The LLP may then file documents in Welsh.

For more information about resolutions, please see our 'Life of a Company- Event Driven’ guide.