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1. Where can I go for help?

Our staff in Cardiff, Edinburgh and Belfast are able to provide general guidance on public disclosure of information by SEs.
However, for legal advice about SEs, please consult a solicitor. For information and guidance about employee involvement in an SE, contact the:

Employment Relations Directorate
1 Victoria Street

2. How do I send information to Companies House?

You may deliver documents to the Registrar by hand (personally or by courier), including outside office hours, bank holidays and weekends, to our Cardiff, London and Edinburgh offices. You may also send documents by post, by the Document Exchange Service (DX), or by Legal Post (LP) in Scotland. If you send documents please address them to:

Registrar of Companies for
England and Wales: Registrar of Companies for
Scotland Registrar of Companies for
Northern Ireland
The Registrar of Companies
Companies House
Crown Way
Cardiff CF14 3UZ
DX33050 Cardiff 1 Companies House
4th Floor
Edinburgh Quay 2
139 Fountainbridge
Edinburgh EH3 9FF
LP - 4 Edinburgh 2 (Legal Post) or
DX ED235 Edinburgh 1

Tel: +44 (0)303 1234 500 (national call rate)
Fax: 029 20380900

Companies House
First Floor
Waterfront Plaza
8 Laganbank Road

DX 481 N.R. Belfast 1
We will only acknowledge receipt of documents at Companies House if you provide a stamped addressed envelope.

Please note: Companies House does not accept accounts or any other statutory documents by fax.

3. Where do I get forms and guidance?

This is one of a series of Companies House guidance, which provide a simple guide to the Companies Act.

Statutory forms and guidance are available, free of charge, from Companies House. The quickest way to get them is through our website at or by telephoning 0303 1234 500.

Forms can also be obtained from company law stationers, accountants, solicitors and company formation agents - addresses are available in business phone books.