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All fees must be made payable to 'Companies House’.

Change of Company Name
For full information see our guidance booklet GP1 – Incorporation & Names.

How do I change my company’s name?

Your company must pass a special resolution at a general meeting; or
Your company must pass a special written resolution that the name of the company be changed to the new name.
A signed copy of the resolution(s) should then be sent to Companies House, together with the fee (currently £10) and a Notice of change of name by special resolution (Form NM01).
A copy of the amended memorandum and articles must also be sent in at the same time as the change of name resolution(s).

N.B. Remember to check the availability of the new name on WebCHeck before sending your application to us.

Check company name availability on WebCHeck – This service is available from 7am to 12 midnight UK time.

Is there a specific form or format for a special or written resolution?

A template for a special resolution on change of name can be found here -
What is a special resolution?

A special resolution is a resolution passed at a general meeting of the company by 75% of those members entitled to vote. (An ordinary resolution would pass with 51% of those entitled to vote voting in favour.)

What is a written resolution?

A written resolution can be an ordinary or special resolution. A written ordinary resolution can be passed by a simple majority (i.e. more than 50%) of members. A written special resolution can only be passed by a minimum of 75% of the members. In both cases there is no requirement to hold a meeting. In the case of a change or name a written special resolution is required.

How long does it take?

If all the documents are correct, the change of name will normally be processed within five working days from receipt at Companies House.

Can a company in liquidation change its name?