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How do I notify a breach of the Companies Act?

Supply full details in writing, together with any evidence, such as copy letterheads in the case of stationery breaches, or relevant correspondence from the company for consideration.

Can you give us an extension for filing our accounts?

We can consider extending the filing time in exceptional circumstances but we need a written application explaining the reasons for the delay and when they expect to be able to file by. You can do this by emailing The extension request must be received by the filing deadline otherwise it cannot be considered. We cannot comment over the telephone on whether the reasons given will be sufficient for an extension to be granted.

Where must I disclose my company’s name?

Every company (except dormant companies) must display its registered name at its registered office and inspection place.

The company’s name is also required at any place at which it carries on business. But if that place is primarily used for living accommodation (like for example the director’s address) the company will be exempt.

Your business correspondence and documents (including documents in hard copy, electronic or any other form) must also disclose the company’s name. It must also be displayed on the company’s websites.

How must I disclose my company name?

The company name must be displayed continuously, but if you are one of the six or more companies sharing the office or place of business you’ll only be required to display the name for fifteen seconds every three minutes. You may want to use electronic displays for this purpose.

Does the published company name have to be exactly the same as the registered name?

Minor variations in the form of a name will be permitted including the case of the letters, the use of punctuation, accents, etc and formatting. However, the differences must not result in there being a risk of confusion.

What details are required on a company's letterhead?

The full company name, registered number, registered office address and place of registration (e.g. registered in England and Wales) must be shown on all business letters, order forms and websites.

I have registered a Limited Company, can I object to someone trading under my name?

Any disputes arising between a Limited Company and a sole trader, partnership or trading name should be dealt with by the Courts - suggest you take legal advice.

Can I object to a registered company name that is very similar to mine?

Yes. If the similarity between the names may lead to confusion between companies you can write to us presenting your case. If we uphold your objection we will direct the company to change its name on behalf o the Secretary of State.

You can also object to a name if it is the result of an “opportunistic registration”, i.e. where a company has been registered with the intention of extracting money from the complainant or to prevent him from registering a name in which he has goodwill. Any enquiry and complaint must be directed to the new and independent “Company Names Tribunal” (also known as “the Adjudicator”). Further information is available at

Can I register my business?

No. Since the Business Names Act 1916 was repealed on 26th February 1982, it is no longer necessary or possible to register a business name, and all files and records relating to previous registrations under that legislation have been destroyed.

Can you provide a company seal?