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All fees must be made payable to 'Companies House’.

Company Charges and Mortgages

Guidance on company mortgages and charges can be found in chapters 9 & 10 of GP3 Life of a company Part 2 - Event Driven Requirements.

How much does it cost to register a mortgage / charge at Companies House?

A fee of £13 made payable to Companies House must accompany each company mortgage/charge form and Deed delivered (Forms MG01, MG06 & MG07)
A fee of £13 will also be levied for each charge form and Deed delivered in relation to an overseas mortgage charge. (an overseas company registered as a UK establishment).
With regard to LLP forms (Limited Liability Partnerships) the fee levied for this type of registration is £13.
What documents must be submitted to register a mortgage/charge?

The form numbers correspond to the relevant sections of the Companies Act 2006 and are listed in the table below:

Form No
Description / Purpose
MG01 /LL MG01 Particulars of a mortgage or charge
MG07/LL MG07 Particulars for the registration of a charge to secure a series of debentures
MG08 /LL MG08 Particulars of an issue of secured debentures in a series
MG09 /LL MG09 Certificate of registration of a charge comprising property situated in another UK jurisdiction
MG06 /LL MG06 Particulars of a charge subject to which property has been acquired
The original instrument creating or evidencing the charge must accompany the form.
However, in the case of Forms MG09 and MG06 it can be a verified copy.
What documents must be submitted to notify satisfaction of a mortgage / charge?

Form MG02 - Full or part satisfaction of the debt, or
Form MG04 - Property ceased to belong or released from the charge, or both in some cases.
How long does it take to register the original mortgage document and certificate of registration?

Mortgage documents normally take 5 working days from date of receipt to appear on the public file.

Who must sign Form MG01?

A person with an interest in the registration of the charge.

Who must sign Form MG02/ MG04?

A person with an interest in the registration of the charge.

Who can sign the form MG06?

The form must be signed by a person with an interest in the registration of the charge.

Does the 21-day time limit for registration include weekends and bank holidays?


Is it possible to amend the register entry of a charge when there is a change of chargee?