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General Document Questions

Who is entitled to sign my forms?

In most cases any serving officer may sign documents submitted to the Registrar.

Forms AP01 - AP04 needs the signature of the person consenting to act as director/secretary. A counter-signature is also required from a serving officer. The newly appointed officer can countersign the form if this is done on or after the date of appointment. This counter-signature need not be from a second serving officer.

Forms TM01 & TM02 can be signed by any officer serving on the date the form is signed. This means that the officer resigning can sign the form himself/herself as long as the date on which the form was signed is no later than the date of resignation.

Forms AR01, CH01 - CH04, SH01.etc - may be signed by any serving officer (company secretary or a director). Some other forms may require additional signatures (by court officials, liquidators or administrators, etc). However, the forms usually indicate when this is required.

The former officers of a company SHOULD NOT sign any documents. If it comes to light that documents which needed to be delivered to the Registrar have not been filed, have gone astray or were incorrectly completed (which may require the filing of an amending document), then only currently serving officers may sign the forms.

An assistant company secretary is able to sign any document that the company secretary may sign. The appointment of an assistant company secretary need not be notified to the Registrar. The forms AP03 & AP04 are only to appoint a company secretary and/or director and forms AP03 & AP04 must not be altered to show the appointment of the assistant company secretary. If your company does not have a company secretary forms may be signed by an officer of the company.

The balance sheet must be signed by a director of the company, the directors report by either a director or the company secretary, and the auditors report by the auditor.

We are a small company / dormant company / flat management / golf club etc. Why do I need to file documents?

The Companies Act does not distinguish between the sizes or types of private limited companies. All directors benefit from limited liability if the company folds. If a person wishes to register a company with limited liability to gain protection under the Companies Act, he must also comply with all the filing requirements of the Act.

These filing requirements enable anybody interested in the company to find out any relevant statutory information before becoming involved with a company. They will be able to find out how a company and/or its directors have performed in the past. This gives investors and customers a certain amount of protection before money changes hands.

How do I complete the document/accounts?

Staff at Companies House can only give general information on the preparation of accounts. If you are having difficulty in preparing your accounts, you will need to seek independent professional accountancy advice.

If you are having difficulty with other documents and want information that will help you complete your forms, then Companies House staff may be able to help with general enquiries. If this requires information from documents previously filed, you will need to carry out a public search on the company. There is a charge for certain information.

What is our current accounting reference date? How was it arrived at and how do I alter it?

The accounting reference date of a new company is set to the anniversary of the last day in the month that the company was incorporated. This date can be changed by delivering a form AA01 before the last date for filing of the accounts

You have rejected my accounts dated xx/xx/xx and stated that yy/yy/yy is the date required. What do I need to do to change this?

The Registrar sends a number of reminder letters to companies specifying the date required, these letters go out in ample time to help company officers understand what is needed. If accounts have been prepared to an incorrect date, the company may still be in time to complete a form AA01 to alter the current required date to the date of the accounts. If the delivery date of the accounts has already passed, the company will need to prepare another set to the required date.

Why haven't I received an acknowledgement for my forms?

If you are sending documents by post, courier or Britdoc (DX) and would like a receipt, Companies House will provide an acknowledgement if you enclose a copy of your covering letter with a pre-paid addressed return envelope. We will barcode your copy letter with the date of receipt and return it to you in the envelope provided.