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Registering a New Company

Why must Form IN01 be signed by each of the subscribers?

To indicate that they consent to act in the capacity indicated on the memorandum, and accept the duties and the responsibilities that go with the post.

Why must the subscriber or agent sign Form IN01 when in most cases they have already signed the memorandum?

They are signing to indicate that they as the owners or owners' representative consent to the individuals shown as directors or secretaries acting in that capacity for the company.

Is there a minimum age under which an individual is barred from acting as a company director?

A director can not be appointed unless they are at least16 years old.

Are company directors permitted to give a corporate address or PO Box number as an address?

A company officer is required to give both their usual residential address (URA) which will not be displayed on the public record and their service address which will be. The service address may be a corporate address. In either case the addresses given must be a physical location, a PO Box number is unacceptable unless it forms part of a full address.

Can a PO Box be used for the Registered Office address?

Yes, provided the full address is given, including the postcode, and it is validated by the Royal Mail.

Is there a requirement that subscribers or officers of British limited companies be resident in the UK?

No. Subscribers or officers may be resident outside the UK.

What are the objects of a company?

The objects are what the company does. An example is 'General Commercial Trading'. Companies registered on or after 1 October 2009 are considered to have unrestricted objects unless they insert a clause in their articles detailing them.

Where can I find a set of Memorandum & Articles of Association?

The format that a memorandum should take is laid out in the Companies (Registration) Regulations 2008 -

Model Articles can be found on the Companies House website -

Alternatively memorandum & articles of association can be purchased from a law / legal stationers or formation agent. They cost approximately £20 - £30. Look in the telephone directory for your local stockists.

For further information on incorporation please see our guidance book GP1 -

Are certificates given by the Registrar of Companies accepted for the purpose of issuing legalisation certificates?

Certificates issued by Companies House are stamped or electronically signed but they will not be accepted by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for the purpose of issuing legalisation certificates.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office require that documents must have the original signature or seal of a British public official.

To obtain a certificate signed in person by a Companies House official, customers need to request a ‘certified certificate’.

‘Certified certificates’ can be ordered via:

Companies House Contact Centre on +44 (0)303 1234 500; or
Cardiff , London or Edinburgh Information Centres (for more information visit
Companies House Direct (online service)
Certified certificate fees

4 working days service £15.00
24-hour service (if ordered before 2pm) £50.00
Additional fee for faxed copy of 24-hour service document £3.00

For more information about legalising documents please visit and click on 'legalisation' on left hand menu.

Does the registration of my company name with Companies House also mean that my trade mark is protected?

No. Company law is different from trade mark law. You cannot stop someone using a trade mark, which is the same or similar to yours, merely by registering your name with Companies House. For further advice on trade mark registration phone the UK Intellectual Property Office on 08459 500 505 or visit their website at

You should ensure that your company name does not conflict with a trademark. Search the trade mark register at the Intellectual Property Office.

You can also search the Nominet UK registry for all domain names ending in .uk

Search the Nominet UK register

How many officers must a company have?

Private companies must have at least one director and public companies must have two directors and a secretary.

Can a company only have corporate directors?

Companies are required to appoint at least one director who is a natural person i.e. an individual.