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How to avoid late filing penalties

1. How can I avoid a penalty?

Allow enough time to ensure that your accounts reach Companies House within the period allowed ( see chapter 1, question 1). If a filing deadline expires on a Sunday or Bank Holiday the law still requires accounts to be filed by the due date.

Please note: First class post does not guarantee next day delivery, so please consider using guaranteed methods of delivery to ensure your accounts arrive on time, especially if your filing deadline is near.

To help you file on time:

mark your diary or calendar to remind you in good time of the filing deadline(s);
read the filing reminders we send to your registered office;
if appropriate, instruct your accountants in good time and remind them of the need to prepare and deliver your accounts on time.
Please note: If you have any doubts about the deadline you can check when your accounts are due using our WebCheck service.

2. How do I deliver accounts to Companies House?

Details of the addresses of our information centres can be found on our website which also includes street maps and travel Information. You can also deliver your accounts using our safe and secure online services details of which, including how to register, can be found on our website. Further information on filing statutory documents can be found in Chapter 6.

3. Can I extend the time allowed for delivering the accounts?

You should take appropriate measures to ensure your accounts are filed on time. However, if, before the filing deadline, there is a special reason, such as an unforeseen event why the accounts might be filed late, you may make an application to extend the period allowed for filing to Companies House.

Please note, an extension will only be granted if the reasons are exceptional. You will find more information on this in our Life of a Company Part 1 – Annual Requirements guide.

4. What if Companies House rejects my accounts as incorrect?

We cannot accept accounts until they meet the requirements of the Companies Act. If, for example, the balance sheet is not signed, we will return them for amendment. If you file the corrected accounts late the company will receive a late filing penalty. To avoid this possibility we recommend that you deliver accounts as soon as they are complete and as far as possible in advance of the last date for delivery.