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Company Records

1. What company records do I need to make available for inspection?

A company, depending on its company type, may have some or all of the following records:

register of members;
register of directors;
directors’ service contracts;
directors’ indemnities;
register of secretaries;
records of resolutions and minutes of general meetings;
contracts or memoranda relating to purchase of own shares;
documents relating to redemption or purchase of own shares out of capital by a private company;
register of debenture holders;
report to members of outcome of investigation by public company into interests in its shares;
register of interests in shares disclosed to public company; or
instruments creating charges and a register of charges.
You need to keep these company records available for inspection.

2. Where can I keep these records?

You may keep all or any of these records at the company’s registered office. The company may choose an alternative location to make these records available for inspection. The company can only have one alternative location to the registered office at any given time.

That location must be in the same part of the UK as the registered office, e.g. a company registered in England and Wales can have an alternative inspection location in England and Wales, but not in Scotland or Northern Ireland. The company may choose to keep some records at its registered office and some at its alternative inspection location provided that all the records of a type are kept together.

3. What do I need to deliver to Companies House?

If you do not keep all your records at the company’s registered office, then you need to tell us the address of your alternative inspection location and which records you hold there, on Form AD02 and any change in that address, on Form AD03. You also need to tell us when you return any of the records to the registered office, on Form AD04.

You can notify Companies House of any of these changes online via WebFiling; using a suitable Software Filing package or by delivering paper documents to us by post.