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Annual Return

1. Which LLPs must send an annual return to Companies House?

Every LLP must deliver an annual return to Companies House within 28 days of its made-up date. An LLP’s designated members are responsible for ensuring that:

they deliver the annual return to Companies House; and
it gives a true picture of the LLP at the made-up date.
If you do not deliver an annual return the registrar may assume that your LLP is no longer in business or operation and take steps to strike it off the register.

Remember: It is a criminal offence not to deliver the annual return within 28 days of the made-up date, for which the LLP and designated members may be prosecuted.

2. What is an annual return?

An annual return is a snapshot of information at the made-up date. It is separate from the LLP annual accounts. An annual return must contain the following information:

the name of the LLP;
its registered number;
the date to which the annual return is made up;
its registered office address;
the address where any LLP records are kept if not at the registered office, and the records that are kept there; and
details of all the LLP’s members (corporate or individual), and whether they are designated members.

3. What is the made-up date?

This is the date at which all the information in an annual return must be correct. The made-up date is usually the anniversary of:

the incorporation of the LLP; or
the made-up date of the previous annual return registered at Companies House.

4. Can I change the made up date of my annual return?

Yes, you can change it to a date earlier than the expected made up date but not a later date. If you choose an earlier made up date the return must be received within 28 days of that date. You can check the date Companies House expects your annual return made up to by using the WebCHeck service on our website.

5. Completing the annual return

All the details you give on the annual return must confirm the details already held on the Companies House public record at the made-up date. You may not use the annual return to change any details on the public record. To change these details you must deliver the relevant form(s) with your annual return.

change of registered office address – LL AD01;
appointment of an LLP member – LL AP01 or LL AP02;
change of details, for example, the address of a member – LL CH01 or LL CH02;
termination of appointment of a member – LL TM01;
notification or change of address where the LLP records may be kept available for inspection – LL AD02;
notification of LLP records held at alternate address or returning to the registered office address – LL AD03 or LL AD04.
Companies House will reject your annual return if it does not include the required information. However, where the information is completed but does not match our records, we may choose to accept the annual return but mark it as inconsistent with the public register. For further information, please see our guide on the Registrar’s Rules and Powers.

6. Is there a fee for filing the annual return?

Yes. There is an annual document-processing fee of £30. Please make the cheque payable to 'Companies House' and write the LLP number on the reverse. Your annual return will be rejected if it is not accompanied by the correct fee.