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LLP records

1. What LLP records do I need to make available for inspection?

An LLP must keep and maintain a register of members. If the LLP issues debentures it must keep a register of debenture holders and if it enters into a charge it must keep a register of charges together with the instrument creating the charge.

All these registers must also be kept available for inspection.

Additionally an LLP must maintain a register of members’ residential addresses but this is not available for public inspection. This is covered in Chapter 1 question 2.

2. Where can I keep these records?

You may keep all or any of these records at the LLP’s registered office. The LLP may choose an alternative location to make these records available for inspection. The LLP can only have one alternative location to the registered office at any given time. That location must be in the same part of the UK as the registered office, e.g. an LLP registered in England and Wales can have an alternative inspection location in England and Wales, but not in Scotland or Northern Ireland. The LLP may choose to keep some records at its registered office and some at its alternative inspection location provided that all the records of a type are kept together.

3. What do I need to deliver to Companies House?

If you do not keep all your records at the LLP’s registered office, then you need to tell us the address of your alternative inspection location or any change in that address on LL AD02. You also need to tell us which records you hold there, on LL AD03, and when any of the records return to the registered office, on LL AD04.