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Members and designated members

The difference between a member and a designated member and the responsibilities of the LLP’s members is covered in our guide on 'Limited Liability Partnerships Incorporation and Names'.

1. What happens when there is a change in the members?

The LLP must keep registers that contain details of all its members. They are:

the register of members; and
the register of members’ residential addresses.
These registers will be kept from the incorporation of your LLP or if your LLP was incorporated prior to 1 October 2009 from that date. Whenever there is a change to a member’s details, or the LLP appoints or terminates the appointment of a member, it must update these registers.

The LLP must then file the appropriate form at Companies House within 14 days of the change. The appropriate forms are:

Appointment of an individual member – LL AP01
Appointment of a corporate member – LL AP02
Change of individual member’s details – LL CH01
Change of corporate member’s details – LL CH02
Termination of appointment of member – LL TM01

2. What is the difference between the register of members and the register of members’ residential addresses?

The register of members contains for each member who is an individual:

his or her name and any former name;
a service address (which may be stated to be 'the LLP’s registered office');
the country or state or part of the United Kingdom where he or she is usually resident;
whether the member is a designated member.
For members that are corporate members or firms, the register of members will include:

its corporate or firm name;
it registered or principal office;
in the case of an EEA company, where it is registered and its registration number; otherwise, the legal form of the company or firm and the law by which it is governed and, if applicable, where registered and its registration number.
Whether the member is a designated member.
The register of members’ residential addresses contains the usual residential addresses of every member who is an individual. (Provided that a member’s service address is not the LLP’s registered office, then the entry may be to the effect that the usual residential address is the same as the service address).

The register of members must be kept available for inspection; the information on the register of members’ residential addresses must not be revealed. The LLP can only use the information in this register to communicate with the member and to deliver information to Companies House to update the records held there. The LLP cannot use this information for any other purpose unless so required by the court.

3. What happens to the residential address supplied to Companies House?

Residential addresses will not appear on the public record as long as you only provide them in the correct part of the appointment or change of details forms. For paper forms this will be on a separate page, for electronic filings (when these become available for LLPs) this will be shown in additional address fields.

Companies House will only provide residential address information to Credit Reference Agencies and Specified Public Authorities. Further information is in our guide on 'Restricting the disclosure of your address if you are at serious risk'.

4. Can I change the status of whether all the members of the LLP are designated or only specified members are designated?

You may amend the position at any time. If you selected that all members were to be designated on incorporation, or at a later date, but now wish only specified members to be designated you need to notify Companies House of the change on LL DE01.

If you selected that only specified members were to be designated on incorporation, or at a later date, but now wish all the members to be designated you need to notify Companies House of the change on LL DE01. This will need to be accompanied by a change of member’s details on LL CH01 or LL CH02 for any member that is not already a designated member. That member will need to signify their consent to being a designated member.

A designated member who ceases to be a member is automatically no longer a designated member.

If, for any reason, the number of designated members falls to one, or none, the law will deem that all members are designated members. However, this does not eliminate your filing requirements at Companies House.