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Change of LLP name

1. Can I choose any name when I change the name of my LLP?

No. The restrictions are identical to the ones applying on incorporation. So, before you decide on a new name for your LLP, please read chapters 3 and 4. If you choose an unacceptable name, we will not register it.

If a name is registered that is too similar to another already on the registrar’s index of company names and an objection is made, then the Secretary of State may direct your LLP to change its name. Further information on the Secretary of State's powers to issue a direction is in chapter 6.

2. How can I change my LLP’s name?

You must complete a notice of change of name – LL NM01. This must then be signed by a designated member and sent to Companies House, with the fee and any additional information to justify the name.

If all is in order, Companies House will then process the form and issue the LLP with a Certificate of Incorporation on Change of Name. The name of the LLP is not changed until the new certificate is issued.

3. How much does Companies House charge to change the name?

Our standard registration fee is £20 and the fee for the ‘Same-Day’ service is £50 (for applications received by 3pm Monday to Friday). We aim to process standard documents within 5 days of receipt. Please make the cheque payable to ‘Companies House’ and write the LLP number on the reverse.
If you post your same-day application we will make every effort to register the change of name on the same day as we receive it. If the application is urgent you may wish to consider whether to use the Royal Mail’s special delivery service.

When filing ‘Same-Day’ applications by post, courier or by hand please ensure you mark the envelope ‘Same-Day change of name’.