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Further information

1. Where can I go for help?

Staff at Companies House in Cardiff will be able to advise you on general matters, but if you are considering liquidation or insolvency proceedings you should seek the advice of an insolvency practitioner or the Insolvency Service.

Complaints about the conduct of a licensed insolvency practitioner should be sent, in writing, to:

The Insolvency Practitioners' Section
The Insolvency Service
Area 1.10
PO Box 203
21 Bloomsbury Street

They will then forward the complaint to the practitioner's authorising body.

2. Where do I get forms and guidance?

This is one of a series of Companies House guidance which provide a simple guide to the Companies Act.

The following forms (mentioned in this guide) are available from Companies House.

LQ01 notice of appointment of receiver or manager;
LQ02 notice of ceasing to act as receiver or manager;
600 notice of appointment of liquidator voluntary winding up (members or creditors); and
SE WU01 notice of initiation or termination of winding-up, liquidation, insolvency, cessation of payment procedures and decision to continue operating of Societas Europaea (SE).
List of Companies House forms available for download

All the other forms mentioned in this guide are insolvency forms and can only be obtained from company law stationers, not Companies House. A list of company law stationers can usually be found in 'Yellow Pages'.

Statutory forms and guidance are available, free of charge from Companies House. The quickest way to get them is through this website or by telephoning 0303 1234 500.

3. How do I send information to the Registrar?

Documents, including court orders, should display the correct company name and registration number, where appropriate.
Companies House will only acknowledge receipt if you provide a stamped addressed envelope.
You should supply documents in portrait format (that is, with the shorter edge across the top)
Documents may be delivered by hand (personally or by courier), including outside office hours, bank holidays and weekends to Cardiff or London.

You may also send documents by post or by the Document Exchange Service.

If you send insolvency documents, you should address them to:

The Liquidation Department
Companies House
Crown Way
Cardiff CF14 3UZ
DX33050 Cardiff 1

Please note: Companies House does not accept accounts or any other statutory documents by fax.